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The Operations Chief encounter is a reasonably simple battle in Veteran Mode. The solely significant differences from Story Mode are that “super grouping” just isn’t potential and the group solely has 6 minutes to clear Oasis City and interact the Operations Chief as an alternative of 10 minutes in Story Mode. Damage scaling is increased from Story Mode however shouldn’t be tough for many groups. All methods ought to involve all DPS getting punted up prime to help kill provides, so the main determination is whether the bottom tank and healer go up and tips on how to coordinate who kills which provides.

Once the Kell Dragon dies, the group faces Styrak solely large sized. Styrak hits players very exhausting and will incessantly punt them throughout the room through his Saber Throw and Force Charge talents. The tank(s) should maintain aggro as much as possible, although he will swap targets incessantly anyway.

The four groups (Red, Green, Gold, Blue) could be fought sequentially with the entire ops group. A strategic choice for the group is whether to go away the DPS up top with the tank up top or not. Keeping them with the highest tank finishes the second group quicker but extends the time necessary to kill the first sniper wave. As quickly because the sniper wave is down, try to make your method over to the DPS dealing with the Demolitionist and high them up earlier than the next wave. Thrasher will periodically summon Snipers alongside one quarter of the room alongside the higher deck.

Thrasher has a conal fundamental attack and occasional knockback attack. If the player with aggro will get out of melee range of Thrasher, it will chain spam an AoE attack that offers heavy team-wide damage. Thrasher is a really fast boss struggle with an interesting mechanic entails snipers up on the upper degree concentrating on gamers.

While the two players with the final tokens go use them, the relaxation of the group should kill Olok (he doesn’t stay dead). After Olok disappears, the room will begin filling with poison gas. The group ought to instantly enter the MIDDLE elevator and click on on the button to go down under to the show floor.

Depending on how shortly the group defeats the massive apparition, they might have some transient DPS uptime on Styrak earlier than Lightning Manifestation. Dread Master Styrak is the final boss of the longest operation in SWTOR (by variety of bosses, anyway) and is the primary of the vaunted Dread Masters to be faced and defeated. Fitting his status, Styrak may be difficult for so much of teams even in Story Mode and has long held a popularity as some of the troublesome bosses in Hard and Nightmare Mode.